Sunny Side Beet Drop Taco

Sunny Side Egg with Beet Spirals


2 Siete Foods grain-free almond flour tortillas

2 tablespoons of Good Foods feta cucumber dip

2 Vital Farms pasture raised eggs

1 package of Veggie Noodle Co. Beet Spirals

1 tablespoon Primal Kitchen avocado oil

How To:

Use a medium size saucepan on low to warm up Siete Foods grain-free almond flour tortillas. While the tortillas are heating up, in a large saucepan, use Primal Kitchen avocado oil and drop in the Veggie Noodle Co. Beet Spirals. Sauté four minutes, al dente, and remove from heat. Place the warm tortilla on a plate and use the pan with some avocado oil to make the perfect Vital Farms sunny side egg on low heat. While waiting for the whites to set, spread some Good Foods feta cucumber dip onto the tortilla. Add on beet spirals and sunny side egg, and enjoy!


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